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World quests is mashed together


Is anyone else having a problem with world quests when hovering over them on the map with the mouse, it's like its mashed together?
The problem persist on all world quests that rewards some sort of item, quets that only rewards gold is fine, and the problem dissapears if i turn TukUI off.
I have the latest 18.22 version installed.
Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I don't have any world quest addons installed

World quests is mashed together

Azilroka wrote:
Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:18 pm
That is a tooltip addon though.. so you will need to find out what is causing it.
With every addon turned off, and only having Tukui on, my problem is still present.
When i turn off Tooltips in the Tukui menu, the problem dissapears. So i'm quite sure it's a Tukui error

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