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ElvUI whit omniCD // patry frame spell cooldowns??

Hello TukUI & ElvUI team, i have a question xD.
Is it possible to set omniCD icons whit cooldown text from ElvUI ... or i need to install omniCC too and disable all ElvUI cooldown texts??
Or is it possible to set up "PARTY FRAME CDs" in ElvUI?
Attached an image i hope you understand what i mean.

best regards MuhQ


ps. i hope this is the right forum for my question, sorry if not i am new

ElvUI whit omniCD // patry frame spell cooldowns??

Key Features

Extremely reliable while using a fraction of the CPU consumption.
Show spells that match current specialization, talents, equipped trinkets, and pvp status.
Detect all in-game cooldown reduction and adjust timers on the fly. Watch it in action: https://imgur.com/QUOk9dy
Talents (e.g., Anger Management)
Runeforge Lengendaries (e.g., Uther's Devotion)
Covenants* (e.g., Blessing of Autumn)
Soulbind Conduits* (e.g., Icy Propulsion)
Optional Interrupt and Raid CD bars.
Sync Mode: If your teammate has OmniCD installed, character data are updated instantly and improves CD reduction accuracy.
Supported UI: VuhDo, Grid2, Aptechka, InvenRaidFrame3, Plexus, HealBot, Cell, ElvUI, Tukui, ShadowUF, ShadowUF-Raid1, ZPerl, PB4, NDui (Unit bars are limited to 5-man groups).

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