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How To Install Tukui/ElvUI The Right Way(s)  [Accepted Answer]

IMPORTANT: As of WoW patch 8.1, some of the game subfolder paths have changed.
Be sure to set the new path in Tukui client by selecting 'File' > 'Set Directory' to World of Warcraft\_retail_\.

Things to have in mind
  • Tukui & ElvUI are complete Blizzard ui replacements. This means that they already have Blizzard frames skinned, unitframes and actionbars premade, etc. So, addons like Bartender and Dominoes for Actionbars and Z-Perl Unit Frames or Shadowed Unit Frames will not work well (if not at all) along with them. On the other hand, addons like Bagsync, damage meters like Skada, Recount, Details, BossMods like DBM or BigWigs etc, Clique, Weak Auras 2 and most of the rest WoW addons, will work fine. In fact there is also a way skinning most them to fit with Tukui/ElvUI, via AddOnSkins.
  • Standalone Tukui & ElvUI are not available in Curse/Twitch. Can only be downoaded from tukui.org (see below). Most of their plugins though, can also be found in Curse/Twitch or even in WoWinterface.com.
  • Do not enable both Tukui & ElvUI. Both will try to replace Blizzard ui. Not good. Make up your mind. :)

Installing Tukui/ElvUI release versions
  • Exit WoW if you haven't done so.
  • Make a backup of your WTF folder in case something goes wrong or in case you wish to return to your old ui. WTF folder is in your World of Warcraft folder. This folder is used by Blizzard to store all the game and addon settings.
  • Tukui Client (The easy way):
    • Important: In case you still have the old Tukui Client (versions 2.x), you have to update it or even better uninstall it. Check the version in the Client 'About' menu.
    • Create an account in tukui.org if you haven't done so.
    • Download the new Tukui Client for Windows from here. There isn't a Mac version available yet.
    • On first run, the client will ask for your username and password. These are the ones you used when the account was created at tukui.org. Important: Your credentials are case sensitive, so type them exactly as you did when you created your account.
    • Optional: Click 'Remember UserName/Password' so you don't have to type them again and 'Automatically Login' to... Automatically Login :P
    • In case that the Client cannot find your game installation folder, click 'File' > 'Set Directory'. If you are not 100% sure, see below at the 'How do I check where my correct WoW installation folder is?'.
    • The Client has two tabs. 'My Addons' tab should be empty, since you haven't install any addon through the Client yet. It will be populated with all the installed addons, no worries. At the 'Browse' tab you will find the buttons you need to install Tukui or ElvUI for the first time. Also there will be a list of the other available addons, hosted at tukui.org (not ready yet).
  • Tukui (manual installation):
    Download Tukui from here and extract the zipped folder contents (Tukui and Tukui_Config folders) in your World of Warcraft/_retail_/interface/addons folder. In case you are updating, it would be wise to delete the existing Tukui and Tukui_Config folders prior extracting. You will not lose your settings. They are stored in the WTF folder, remember?
  • ElvUI (manual installation):
    Download ElvUI from here and extract the zipped folder contents (ElvUI and ElvUI_Options folders) in your World of Warcraft/_retail_/interface/addons folder. In case you are updating, it would be wise to delete the existing ElvUI and ElvUI_Options folders prior extracting. You will not lose your settings. They are stored in the WTF folder.

Installing ElvUI dev version
Dev versions are for people that like to test pre release versions of the ui. Have in mind that sometimes these versions may not be stable, have new functionalities that are in wip stage and generaly are not recommended for daily use. If you are one of the brave ones, keep reading or else flee and go to the 'What might go wrong' section below.
  • Notes:
    • ElvUI dev version is only available through 'git.tukui.org' and can only be installed manually by carefully following the steps described below.
    • Tukui hasn't got a dev version available.
  • Installation steps:
    • Exit WoW if you haven't done so.
    • Make a backup of your WTF folder.
    • Delete 'ElvUI' and 'ElvUI_Options' folders from your 'World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns' folder.
    • Download ElvUI dev version: Brave Click.
    • Open (don't extract yet) the zip file 'elvui-development.zip' you just downloaded.
    • You will bump on the 'elvui-development' folder. Open the folder and you will finally see the folders needed to be extracted: 'ElvUI' and 'ElvUI_Options'. Ignore '.gitlab' folder and 'CHANGELOG.md' file.
    • Extract 'ElvUI' and 'ElvUI_Options' in your 'World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns' folder.

What might go wrong
  • I 've installed Tukui Client, I am typing the correct username and password but my credentials are not accepted!
    Check if your Firewall and/or Antivirus is blocking Tukui Client. Also you might need to run Tukui Client as Administrator.
  • I 've downloaded Tukui/ElvUI, I 've extracted at the correct folder but Tukui/ElvUI doesn't load or pops errors
    Extracted files might be corrupted. You may need to re download Tukui or ElvUI again and/or use a different unzip application. I would recommend 7zip.
  • Tukui/ElvUI is installed but doesn't load.
    Check if you have 2 WoW installations. See the next part if you don't know how to deal with this.
  • How do I check where my correct WoW installation folder is?
    • Open the Blizzard app and click on the small arrow beside Blizzard logo.
    • Click 'Settings'
    • Click 'Game Install/Update'
    • The installation path is at the text box under World of Warcaft: Battle for Azeroth

Sun Jul 16, 2017: initial post
Fri Jul 28, 2017: removed instructions for the Tukui Client. Will be added back.
Thu Aug 3, 2017: added back instructions for the Tukui Client.
Wed Aug 9, 2017: Minor rephrases regarding the Client.
Wed Dec 12, 2018: Added WoW 8.1 addon path changes.
Wed Mar 6, 2019: Added ElvUI dev installation.
Tue Jul 16, 2019: Renamed ElvUI_Config references to ElvUI_Options.

...to be continued ...and updated
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How To Install Tukui/ElvUI The Right Way(s)

Hey so I was attempting to set up elv ui on my MacBook pro to use whenever i'm away from my pc desktop. I also use twitch desktop app for addons. All of the twitch addons i have added show up when i launch the came. When i downloaded elv ui from the website i copied the elvui folder into the retail add-on folder where all my other addons are. However when i open the game it does not appear. In the list of addons on my twitch app, it shows elvuinutsandbolts and ozcooldowns that i downloaded form the tukui site but does not show the main elvui add-on in its list. The only thing i could think of was maybe it isn't extracted because i didn't see an option to do that on mac. I also did not have to extract the elves nuts and bolts to make them show up.

sorry that was kind of wordy and vague.

How To Install Tukui/ElvUI The Right Way(s)

ElvUI isn’t on twitch so that is why it isn’t showing up on the twitch app.

Navigate to your addons folder, open up ElvUI and open the .toc file. Take and upload a screenshot of the toc file as well as the addons folder showing ElvUI and ElvUI_Config and the file path.
I always recommend backing up your WTF folder - where your profiles/settings for all addons, including ElvUI are stored.

How To Install Tukui/ElvUI The Right Way(s)

HI all. Blizzard is driving me nuts with this. I've always downloaded the ElvUI install and manually extracted to WoW directories and worked fine. Since 8.1 was released, Blizz thinks the ElvUI addons are out of date. I completely removed the addons and downloaded the TukUI client. I installed the ElvUI interface from the client into C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_\Interface\AddOns.

I am running ElvUI 10.84
## Interface: 80000
## Author: Elv
## Version: 10.84
## Title: |cfffe7b2cElvUI|r
## Notes: User Interface replacement AddOn for World of Warcraft.
## SavedVariables: ElvDB, ElvPrivateDB
## SavedVariablesPerCharacter: ElvCharacterDB
## OptionalDeps: Blizzard_PetJournal, SharedMedia, Tukui, SunnArt, Gatherer, Masque
## X-oUF: ElvUF
## X-Tukui-ProjectID: -2
## X-Tukui-ProjectFolders: ElvUI_Config, ElvUI

I launch the Blizzard launcher, version and click "Play" It thinks the ElvUI and ElvUI config is "out of date". If I tell it to load anyway and check versions it says I'm running ElvUI 10.84....

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