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How to use Git repository with Windows Symlinks (Noob Edition)

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2019 8:25 am
by Merathilis
Hello folks, in this little guide i'll show you how you use your Git Folders (if you are using a Git Client, like SmartGit) also in your WoW installation.

Note: You'll see german language in the Screenshots :P

I keep this clean and simple and i assume you already use Git and know where your Git folders and World of Warcraft \ _retail_ \ Interface \ AddOn folder are. I will take ElvUI as an example.

The big advantage is, that you don't need to copy your folders now everytime you pull the new changes.
  1. Delte your existing "ElvUI" & "ElvUI_Config" folders from your World of Warcraft installtion.
  2. Open the windows command prompt as admin. Type in the windows search: CMD
  3. In the Command Prompt now must use the "mklink /D" command (Symlink)
    In the first part, we need to tell the link where you want your folder, so it should be the World of Warcraft \ _retail_ \ Interface \ AddOn folder:
    After this, we must tell the link, the path to our existing git folder:
    The whole link now should looks like this:
    If you hit enter, it will create a new folder called "ElvUI" in your World of Warcraft \ _retail_ \ Interface \ AddOn folder and use the existing git folder
  4. The same step you'll need also to do with the folder "ElvUI_Config":