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Writing a guide!  [Accepted Answer]

Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2017 1:11 pm
by Merathilis
Credits Hydra

As a note this section is NOT for Lua Script Help, meaning don't ask "How do I do this...". It's for people to write descriptive guides on editing/changing elements of the UI. However anyone is free to write a tutorial here.
With this said, be mindful of your writing when creating a new guide, Here are some things to think about --

Be clear
Keep in mind that not everyone understands lua script, so be very clear in what you're editing, where you're making changes, and what the changes will do.
"Dumb it down" so the readers will understand it at any level of lua knowledge.

Show examples of what you're doing throughout the guide, showing code snippets often, and images if you can.

Other than that, helpful guides for the community are appreciated. :)