[Updated] Changes are happening

Update November 8th 2021: The forum is now in read-only mode.

We are currently in the process of streamlining our operation at tukui.org. Some changes have already happened, some are planned for the future, while others are still being discussed.

This is what we know so far
  • We're migrating from self-hosted GitLab to GitHub.com.
  • We're closing down the forum, and support will be on Discord.
  • We're setting up a centralized wiki in the hopes of covering most issues before they are asked on Discord.

Reasoning behind the changes
We want to focus our time where it matters, and eliminate time wasted on maintenance of systems and services that don't provide value to our users.

Moving away from a self-hosted GitLab instance was an obvious choice for us. We reduce time spent on maintenance, while granting ourselves better tools to collaborate as a team and with other contributors. We have already disabled account creation on git.tukui.org, so only existing users are able to log in.

We also took a hard look at the current state of our forum. We have many thousands of users who come to the forum to ask for help, but sadly most of the posts remain unanswered. We simply don't have the necessary time to monitor and answer posts. That led to the decision to close down the forum in the near future, and focus our attention on providing the necessary information in a better way, while still providing support on Discord.

We hope the changes will make sense to you all when everything is finished. We want to provide the best possible experience for our users, but we also want to make sure we're not breaking our own necks in the process. You may have questions about all of this, but we will share more news once things get more specific.