We're back!

Welcome to Tukui.org 2.0

Hello again!
It has been a busy two weeks for us, but we have finally reached a state where the new website and forum is ready for the public. This will once again give you a place to download the latest releases of our UIs, Tukui and ElvUI, and also give you a place where you can look for help or ask questions.

Initially you will notice some things missing compared to the old website, features like the ability to upload your own addons, upload screenshots or share code snippets. Rest assured that these features are coming back, but they will be implemented gradually over the coming weeks and months. You will also notice that the new website and forum is a vast improvement over the old one, not only when it comes to design but also with functionality. The old forum was built on some very old software, and was very minimalistic. While minimalistic can be good for some things, a forum should ideally give you the tools needed to foster good discussions, while allowing you to weed out any bad posts easily. This was not always the case on the old forum, but it will certainly be the case with this one. Oh and... did you notice? The website is now fully encrypted with SSL.

Forum Software
At first you may need some time to get used to how the forum works, but some of you may already know the ins and outs of how this forum works if you are familiar with how phpBB functions. We decided to go with phpBB as our forum software because of its long development history, its commitment to future development, high focus on security and not least the ability to easily modify the forum through extensions. It is also one of the most well known forum solutions, which means most people will have been on a phpBB forum at some point in their life. This makes the transition from our old forum to the new one as easy as possible for everyone.

Tukui Client
The Tukui Client can currently be used to install or update Tukui and ElvUI. When we are ready to host addons uploaded by other users then the Tukui Client will be modified to support those addons as well. Until then you can probably find most of the addons on Curse or WoWInterface. If an addon is not on either of those sites, then it will have to be up to the author of said addon to make it available through other means. Contact the author if possible.

Lost Premium Status / Donations During Downtime
Users who had active Premium subscriptions on the old website will naturally be able to get their Premium status back. Additionally, people who donated during the down time in order to help us get back quickly will also receive Premium status. Unfortunately there is no way for us to do that all automatically, so we will need some information from you in order to add you to the Premium group.

Please use this form to restore your rank.

Previous Donations Without PayPal Account
If you donated in the past and you don't have a PayPal account, then just write the email address you donated with in the PayPal field, or just forward us the email confirmation you received after donating. We will then restore your Premium rank.

Please be patient during this process. It may take up to 72 hours before your information can be processed as the amount of emails received may be quite large.

As a reward for staying with us during the down time, all users with an active subscription on the old site will have their Premium rank status extended by 3 months after validation. It will take effect when your Premium rank status is set to expire.

Once again, thank you all so much for your support!

We would like to give a shout out to all the wonderful people who have shown support to the Tukui community, whether it be through premium subscriptions or donations, helping out on Discord or sending best wishes our way. We really appreciate all of you. We would also like to give a shout out to all the people who took part in our logo competition. Even if some of the specific designs weren't the best fit for us, we appreciate the time and effort you all put into it.

We plan to put together a page with all the submissions we received, so people can get the recognition they rightfully deserve. When it is ready we will make sure to link it on the forum and tweet about it.

Future Plans / Feedback
We will continue to improve the website and forum as time goes on. A lot of this will depend on feedback from you guys. If you encounter a bug or if you have a suggestion about how we can improve the site, then please let us know by creating a thread in the Website forum.

From all of us at Tukui,
happy gaming.