New Major Release of ElvUI March 12 - NamePlates Getting Reset

samukarb wrote: Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:25 pm is there a way to test it already ?
Yes, by installing manually the dev version clicky. You must delete your working versions of ElvUI and ElvUI_Config first. Have in mind that your current Nameplate settings will be gone. It would be wise to backup your WTF folder prior installing the dev version.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

Cheers :)
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New Major Release of ElvUI March 12 - NamePlates Getting Reset

Bowdidly wrote: Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:28 pm Thanks for the heads up of what is a major change, I usually. keep screen shot copies of all my settings, so it's easier to use the same settings for some elements across different UI setups, however it looks like I will not be able to re use my 'old' settings with these changes.
When the patch hits I usually raid the same day, will I be able to delay my ELVUI update until at least the day after or to at least update it at a time which will be more convenient for me to spend the required time to set up the new Nameplates ? Will the UI still function right and as it is now until I instal the update ?
The patch introduces changes that will break older versions of ElvUI, so you need to update. You can test the nameplates already though, and as such be more prepared on patch day when it is released. See the post from Benik above.

The plan is to release ElvUI when the realms are down in the US, so you should be able to configure it before raid, as long as you plan to log in earlier than right before raid.

New Major Release of ElvUI March 12 - NamePlates Getting Reset

V0lt4GE wrote: Sat Mar 09, 2019 12:13 pm For someone that doesn't use ElvUI nameplates, what would the difference be if I used the new nameplates over f.e. Kui Nameplates from a performance standpoint.
Hard to answer, as there are many variables in play. You would just have to test them out to see if they perform better for you.

If we compare the new nameplates to the old ElvUI nameplates however, the performance is improved by a rather big margin.