Show some Class(ic) - Information on Tukui and ElvUI for Classic WoW

Hi everyone. Blazeflack here.

Something that a lot of people have waitied for is finally happening. In a few days the first official WoW Classic realms will go online, opening the doors to a specific version of WoW that has a special place in many of our hearts.

I never played Warcraft III or any of the other Warcraft games. I simply didn't know they existed. Because of that, my first experience with the Warcraft universe was with World of Warcraft back in 2005. I remember those days with a smile in my heart. Anyway, let's get on with what you guys are really here for;

Changes on the website and Discord server
To accommodate what is essentially two separate games, we felt the need to have separate sections for them on our website and Discord server as well. As such you will find a new Classic category on our forum, below the regular ElvUI and Tukui categories. In the new Classic category you will be able to discuss the Classic experience, and also get support for either Tukui, ElvUI, or any of our other addons available for download in our new Classic AddOns section.

We have also added a separate category on our Discord server, specifically dedicated to questions and discussions related to Classic WoW.

State of Tukui and ElvUI for Classic and where to get them
Tukui and ElvUI are available for download from the following locations:
While Tukui should be more or less ready for action, ElvUI is still a work in progress. A lot of the things that make ElvUI be what ElvUI is, relies on parts of WoW that simply doesn't exist in Classic. Code has to be removed, tweaked or even rewritten in order to function properly. We're doing our best to have it in a functional state by the time of Classic release though.

Make sure you check out the following post for known issues / FAQ: [ElvUI] Classic Known Issues / FAQ

Where can I report issues or request features?
We hope you have a lot of fun.

-Best wishes from the Tukui Community staff