Before reporting a bug, try to do a clean re-install:
  1. Remove all entries of Tukui Client from Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove data folder for Tukui Client:
    • Open a Windows Explorer window (folder).
    • Type the following in the address bar and press Enter:

      Code: Select all

    • Find the Tukui folder and delete it.
  3. Download the latest version of the Tukui Client and install it.

Tukui Client Support (How to)  [Accepted Answer]

First of all, we all thank you for your patience. The updated Tukui Client is back!
We know there might be some issues we overlooked during this update, so we will appreciate (for one more time) your feedback.

IMPORTANT: As of WoW patch 8.1, some of the game subfolder paths have changed.
Be sure to set the new path in Tukui client by selecting 'File' > 'Set Directory' to World of Warcraft\_retail_\.

Before making a new post
Help us, help you
In your post you might add:
  • Tukui Client version, it's in the 'About' menu (*required)
  • If there is a bug, the steps to reproduce the issue (*required)
  • If there is an error, the complete error list. (*required). You might upload it at Pastebin. It will be easier to read and avoid forum cluttering.
  • If it's a suggestion, we will love to hear and see to it (I hope Elv won't kill me for this :P)
  • Any comments are very much welcomed

Enjoy the updated Tukui Client!
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