Before reporting a bug, try to do a clean re-install:
  1. Remove all entries of Tukui Client from Add/Remove Programs.
  2. Remove data folder for Tukui Client:
    • Open a Windows Explorer window (folder).
    • Type the following in the address bar and press Enter:

      Code: Select all

    • Find the Tukui folder and delete it.
  3. Download the latest version of the Tukui Client and install it.

Tukui Client wont download

Hey guys, so the client wont download on my google chrome browser, tried it on Microsoft Edge and still same result, it didnt give me an error message but it told me on edge that it cant be downloaded. Any tips?? :c

Tukui Client wont download

I just checked and the download is working fine for me, so at least we know it is an issue on your end only. Try clearing cache and check if any security software is interfering with the download.
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Tukui Client wont download

On google as soon as it finishes downloading it either disappears or I try to click on it and it wont start, and on edge it says this file cannot be downloaded

Tukui Client wont download

OP said it doesn’t have any security software running, but after reading his issue, i’m 100% sure there is one running. Probably Windows defender if he didn’t install any AV and probably acting weird with the file when downloaded.
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