[Retail & Classic] GennUI

GennUI is an external edit for ElvUI, designed to cover the needs of any spec or role or activity without switching profiles.

Classic Version
Retail Version

• Easy to use installer that set things automatically.
• Adds custom textures and fonts.
• Themes: Dark and Class Colored.
• Tweaks: Easy Delete, TooltipIcons.
• Layout designed to avoid switching profiles for different activities or characters.
• Set up supported AddOns automatically, matching the UI.

• The UI is optimized for 1920x1080 resolution and 0.7 UIScale, if you have different settings you may way to move some things around.
• Please consider backup any AddOns settings that you may want to keep.

Required Addons
ElvUI for Retail or ElvUI Classic for Classic

Highly Recommanded Addons
Shadow and Light // WindTools Only for Retail
AddonSkins for Retail or AddonSkins Classic for Classic

• GennUI installation should pop automatically upon login, follow the on screen instructions.
• Enjoy.

Supported Addons Profiles
• AddOnSkins
• Arena Team Tracker
• BattleGround Eenemies (Retail only)
• BigWigs
• Capping
• Deadly Boss Mods
• Details
• Diminish (Retail only)
• Gladius (Retail only)
• GottaGoFast (Retail only)
• Mik's Scrolling Battle Text
• Nameplate Cooldowns
• OmniCD (Retail only)
• Plater
• ProjectAzilroka
• Skada (Retail only)

Special Thanks/Credits
• Skullflower and Naowh for inspiration.
• Blazeflack and Benik for the great help and assistance/coding.
• Blinkii & Skullflower for the awesome textures.
• Tweaks credits: Blazeflack, Kesava, Resike
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GENN UI An ElvUI Edit.

Gennoken ElvUI Profile [DPS/Tank/Healer][PvP/Arena] (1920x1080) (7.2.5)

Profile of all addons are always under WTF folder. world of warcraft > WTF > Account > Account Name (just some numbers) > SavedVariables.

If you only want they profile fore example of DBM you must go into Gennoken SavedVariables and then copy all they DBM files from Gennoken SavedVariables folder to your SavedVariables folder. You only have to copy they LUA files.

I hope I helped you with this if not you can always reply.

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