[READ FIRST] How To Post Your Exported Profile  [Accepted Answer]

[center]How To Post Your Exported Profile[/center]

This forum is dedicated to sharing ElvUI profiles. If you don't know how to export/import profiles in ElvUI, then please read Exporting/Importing ElvUI Profiles.
Feel free to ask questions regarding a specific profile in the thread it was posted, but please keep in mind that the person who posts their profile may not monitor the thread every day, so be patient.

Where should I post my exported profile?
Please create a new thread in this forum. Having a separate thread for each profile will allow for better discussions about each specific profile export.

What should I include in my thread?
Aside from the export text, I think it would be a good idea to include one or more screenshots that show how your UI looks.
You can either attach the image directly to your post or you can use an image host which doesn't scale down the image.

Recommended image hosts:

Custom Media
If you use custom fonts or textures in your profile, then it might be a good idea to post a link to where you can get those or attach them to your post. People can then use the guide we have on adding custom media: Adding Fonts, Textures and Sounds to ElvUI through SharedMedia

Where should I post the export text?
You can include the code in your post (use the 'code' bbcode). You can also use a code sharing website like pastebin.com, which will provide a link you can add to your post.