[8.1.5] Dajova's Elvui Edit - 1440p [16:9] (0.6 UIScale) ONLY!

madassrubberduck wrote: Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:08 am Hi :) Great layout and design!

I have 2 questions:

1) How do I get rid of "Incomingheals" on my partyframes? https://gyazo.com/bfc90d720e249f9248d69f96ce0f79db
2) How can I change the font, and add some background because Im having a hard time reading the chat when out and about: https://gyazo.com/6df26f0e95ca4eb15df3701d579a57d6


1. Set overflow to 0%. /ec > unitframes > colors > heal predict > max overflow
2. That's not the default font im using, so you need to adjust the size yourself. That's controled by Blizzard, not ElvUI.
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[8.1.5] Dajova's Elvui Edit - 1440p [16:9] (0.6 UIScale) ONLY!

Dajova wrote: Fri Sep 27, 2019 12:15 pm Check the wago profile and previous posts. I have separate profiles from both classic and retail.
Thank you very much !
Should I import all profiles (WAs & ElvUI) from your Classic wago collection ? https://wago.io/wr1Np6roP
I ask you because i'm playing a mago and my english isn't my mother language so I don't understand everything.

You have listed a couple addons who are recommanded :

Do you use another addons for classic to improve ui or tools to make it easier to play such as details ?

and thank you again ! :)

[8.1.5] Dajova's Elvui Edit - 1440p [16:9] (0.6 UIScale) ONLY!

You can install what you want/need from that collection, you dont necessarily need to import it all. It's just there so you dont have to set anything up to fit the rest of the UI.
Also, Raven and Masque are only optional addons that i use, you dont need to use it if you dont want to, they are just listed cus, again, they are setup to fit with the rest of the UI for my preferences. DSM and CustomTags are required tho.

Other addons? Uhm, the rest are mostly just QoL stuff that doesnt impact the look...
But i do use these other addons:
  • AdiBags (elvui version)
  • AIO (you can just google it)
  • Auctionator
  • Badboy
  • Clique
  • DBM (cus there is no BigWigs yet for classic)
  • DejaClassicStats
  • Details
  • Location Plus (elvui plugin)
  • GTFO
  • HandyNotes + HandyNotes NPCs
  • Immersion
  • InFlight
  • Leatrix Plus + Leatrix Maps
  • MSBT
  • PA
  • Questie
  • RMH (duh)
  • Skillet (Classic version on WoWI)
  • SmartBuff
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Dajova's Elvui Edit | Classic + Retail Layouts

Hey there! I just randomly found your profile while looking around at 1440P and I must say I am loving it while playing around, but I am noticing a few inconsistencies from mine to your video, and this version and Wago.


I've put in a few snippets there, but I notice I am struggling to have even close to the same nameplates as you, and the Wago version looks widely off compared to the forum version; Which seemed weird as the Wago link is fairly recent.

Is there anything sticking out that you might know could be the cause? The Wago one also seems to leverage a custom data text that isn't defined in the LUA I grabbed from it.

UPDATE: So I am much closer, but I am still having a lot of issues. One of the minor ones is Revan - I notice in your UI there is padding between the icon and the font, for me there isn't. I see almost no customization for Revan, though?

I was able to get nameplates to be much more accurate after a bit of customizing. I feel like some of your settings aren't importing properly, which is awkward.