[8.1.5] Dajova's Elvui Edit - 1440p [16:9] (0.6 UIScale) ONLY!

Stormknight wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:29 pm
Hey Dajova,

Did everything at first post but couldnt get same as your looking, any idea to fix this? :D

You can check my curret looking at this ss: https://imggmi.com/full/2019/6/14/a6dd3 ... l.jpg.html

Thanks in advance
If you mean the datatexts spots, that's mainly because i have them there for different addon launchers, like BugSack and Raven etc. You can change them by going here:
/ec > datatexts > panels
... and just select whatever you wanna track from the dropdown menus there.
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[8.1.5] Dajova's Elvui Edit - 1440p [16:9] (0.6 UIScale) ONLY!

Yes i know there has been no news about it yet. I suppose you can use it as is, but I don't know how much i will be using them, since there are still certain things that i want to be implemented before i feel like its worth posting.

I have most of my stuff up on wago.io for now, you can look it up at https://wago.io/p/Dajova

Here it is: https://wago.io/0Z3l5ld_r
Note: This is very much a W.I.P., stuff maybe not work as intended yet. Just keep that in mind.

You can also subsequentially use the collection link found here: https://wago.io/wr1Np6roP
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