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After many hours of chipping and changing, I've finally settled on this layout and I thought I would share! I am not a heavy raider or dungeon runner (anymore) so this layout might not be that suitable for M+ or raiders... but hey, if it does work for you - great! :)

Supporting Plugins: Shadow & Light, LocationPlus for ElvUI, ElvUI Datatex Bars 2, AddOn Skins & optional King Kong Frame Fader

• Minimalistic floating player & target unit frames
- Health bars are fairly centered so that they are easy to keep track of
- Player unit frames fade in with target or in combat
- Buffs and debuffs are symmetrically positioned above and below each corresponding health frames (only player buffs being aura bars ..my preference)
- Displayed: Name, health max, health percent & level [same for target]
- Perma player buffs are located out of the center [my preference - I only want to see temporary buffs next to my character]
- Cast bars positioned above player frame and equally above target frame
- Stance bars are on the left of the player frame as well as class totems
- Focus frame is centered above action bar

• Action bars
- Just the right amount of action bars are visible (this is obviously your preference)
- Mouse-over action bars at the top for the things that aren't used as much or do not need to be shown during combat
- Action mars fade in when in combat or with a target

• Minimalistic pet frames
- Pet & pet target frames are small - I have no need to know my pet's name :)
- Pet target's name is abbreviated so that I have a basic idea who it's attacking
- Pet action bar is comfortably position next to player action bars

• Symmetrically placed chat frames & minimap
- Chat frames are placed at the top of the screen on either side
- Minimap is centered at the top of the screen with Micro Menu hidden below it (mouse over)
- Room for x2 damage meters of your choice next to each chat frame

• Raid & dungeon frames
- Raid frames appear on the left along the screen with minimal information text
- Dungeon frames appear at the bottom of the screen with minimal information text
- Raid markers will appear at the bottom of the screen when in a group

• Out of combat fading [Optional]
- When idle for 5sec everything except your the Location Plus frames will be shown.
- Applied to frames: Minimap, both chat frames with their toggle buttons & one data-bar below minimap. I have permanently hidden the debuffs frame because debuffs will be shown above player unitframe - under unitframe settings
- Frames will re-appear if you have a target or when you mouse-over them.
- You don't have to install King Kong if you don't intend to use the fading effect
*If King Kong is only showing a blank box, go to ElvUI settings -> Skins -> and uncheck Ace3

Some screen shots: https://imgur.com/gallery/JEAxRqQ
Profile link: https://gist.github.com/Animella/c416ff ... file-share
Tags: Casual, questing, immersion, casual dungeons & raids

Thank you :)

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