US/EU difference when subscribing or donating.

I wasn't subscribed to premium before but after all the latest fiasco I've realized that I could spare a few € to support something I consider essential to WoW.
Thing is, the € is stronger than the $, so you end up paying more for the same thing. €4,99 equals to $5,93 (today).

Is this solely for convenience of not having to convert from € to $? Or is there another reason for making the distinction? Do I have to use €, if I'm from the EU? If it's all the same to TukUI/ElvUI creators, I'd rather not pay more than others.

US/EU difference when subscribing or donating.


Tuks might chime on this one but:

There is nothing preventing you from clicking "subscribe" from US (or even donate in $) all depends on the charges you might end up paying via your bank or other methods of payment.

Cheers and thanks for your support!
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