Upraded to premium, still only member

A lot busy atm, it take sometime a little extra time to validate new supporters, I will do your in the next 24h.

Don't worry you won't loose any extra time. I'm always giving one more month if the delay for activation is over 24h.

Thanks for your support.
Don't commit on master when drunk.

Upraded to premium, still only member

it's ok, no biggie, I knew someone would get around to it. i was just lazy and kept checking tukui client first before coming here to post anything...

thanks for the upgrade...

Have used elvui for years, STILL dunno where everything is and what it does.I've gone 5 levels deep into something before and been like HALP!

I can't even look at the standard blizzard ui anymore. it makes me shudder. you all do a great job. keep it up!

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