Hi Everyone,

I'm a long time lurker on the TukUI site and forums, even before I registered recently. I really appreciate the work all of the developers and the community here are doing to make our WoW experiences better. I am autistic with coexisting ADHD, TBI and SPD that create a number of challenges for me, especially in an environment as busy and lush as WoW. Distractions (Oooooh SHINY!!) are a real barrier for me, and even the slightest pixel deviance on a single UI frame can make functioning in the game difficult. Like most autistic people, I can't ignore those things, and I can't filter them out like neurotypicals. I've been fighting with my UI to accommodated for my disabilities and differences in functioning since shortly after the release of The Burning Crusade. So, I can't emphasize enough how appreciative I am of addon developers and helpful community members, especially those in the TukUI community.

So I just want to say hello and thank you.

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