Ive been using ElvUi for months

Hello! I just wanted to create this thread to thank the people that made ElvUi and introduce myself. I just now created an account for the forums.

I stopped playing WOW because I hated everything about the UI. I was fairly new to computer games and brand new to MMOPRGS at the time so was just figuring out addons. I looked how to use other UIs but didnt have much success as well as having a really out of date computer. I played other MMORPGS later on just because I liked their UI better, but my friends mostly stuck to WOW. In October, I started playing WOW again after not playing for 3-4 years, this was mostly due to a friend convincing me to get back into it.

Which brought me to the same problem, only this time I had spent years working with computers and mods so I had a better understanding of what I was doing. After a few weeks I started searching for a UI mod and came across this, it took sometime to get things where I wanted and learn the tools with customizing everything, even going so far as to accidentally deleting a profile I spent hours on. But I stuck with it and finally got things where I wanted....

So I just wanted to sincerely thank the people who made ElvUI and all the work that went into creating it. I can't play the game any other way. My friends who have always played WOW are now using it as well.

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