Any other way to try this add on?

I just want to try ElvUi, So I downloaded this client from 1991 it looks like, It doesn't install anything, why wouldn't you just make your add on available on the usually add on platform people use? After spending 10 minutes on this, and your software not installing anything, I would like to see if this add on works for my machine. So, can I just get the file somewhere on the website? Now that you have my email and info and all that?

Any other way to try this add on?

As well as the above,

The headings at the top

Or there are guides on the website that point how and where to find addons
and more guides if you need more help

You don't need to register to look at the forums or download addons.
Back up your ElvUI profile/s - ElvUI menu - Profiles - Export and save it regularly

My replies might be short due to time constraints. Nothing personal. (Thanks Blaze)

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