Had to recreate my account, though I've been using ElvUI and Tukui for months now.

Tuesday Sept 22 was a bad day for a number of Active Tukui Users, me included.

Possible because we had never bothered to make a single post in these forums, our accounts got accidentally included with a list of inactive accounts to be deleted.

Now, first let me say, I have nothing against forums.
But then let me point out, if the main goal of reaching out is needing Support for the Tukui/ElvUI client and/or addons
*and* there is a choice between these forums and Discord, which do you think I'm likely to turn to most often?

Yep, Discord almost every time.

Anyway, I was able to recreate my account with the exact same User Name and Password and was able to active my account,
even though the email address I used (had used before) belonged to @live.com.
The activation email was, indeed, in the spam folder, but at least I actually got it, which was almost surprising given the announcement at the top of the forums concerning most of the email domains that belong to Microsoft.

Let me end by saying that I'm very happy with the ElvUI and BenekUI addons and especially pleased with the Tukui Client which makes updating said addons much, much easier.
You guys rock!

Rosdav of Hyjal (Retail) & Mankrik (Classic)
Galluxx of Kromkrush (Classic)

FYI... I played WoW solid for over 10 years and returned to play Classic a year ago.
If I can get my computer work properly with Retail, I'll probably buy Shadowlands and see how things go there.

Had to recreate my account, though I've been using ElvUI and Tukui for months now.

trex0530 wrote: Thu Oct 01, 2020 2:13 am Replying to your post for the exact same reason. User for about a year and was deleted a week ago. Hopefully this counts to mark my account as active.

There is no need to make a post.

We have taken steps to mitigate issues with correct activity information where logins only happen through the client. You just needs to create an account . None of the addons or settings have been lost :)

Sorry for the trouble.

Posting just to say you don’t want your account deleted creates extra work and the issue has been resolved.