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S&L WTF/Cache files

Hello everybody... I have the same problem as many of you... S&L dont show or load in elvui interface... i already tried erasing WTF and Cache and S&L appeare without problems, BUT everything get messy, in other words, i have to re configure everything, but everything (elvui, chat, benkiu, s&l, etc)... my question are:
do you know what files i need to delete from WTF and Cache folders??? i mean what files are about elvui and/or shadow and lights???
please and thanks!!!

S&L WTF/Cache files

Not sure what your issue is but prob due to an outdated addon or an addon that has not been updated for 9.0. S&L works fine with benikui and merathilisui. You should attempt to do basic troubleshooting. Which involves just enabling 2 addons, ElvUI and ElvUI OptionsUI and make sure elvui is working then enable S&L. There is forum post above to help you. This doesn't sound like its related to S&L. Also s&l stores its settings in elvuis database and doesnt have its own
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