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S&L AFK mode not showing during flight paths

I can confirm AFK Mode is enabled in the standard /afk usage, however after prepatch I noticed it does not work anymore. Instead, MerathilisUI AFK mode takes its place. I specifically turned MUI AFK mode off to see if it was overriding S&L AFK, but turns out it wasn't. Turning THAT off only shows what you'd expect from vanilla flight mode.

What I'm expecting to see is the screen with your character walking in the bottom right, or whatever other animation you have it set to.

I have enabled /luaerror on so that only ElvUI and S&L are turned on. S&L AFK Mode is enabled. Anything I'm missing?

I am using base ElvUI v. 12.04, MerathilisUI 4.58, and S&L 4.08
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