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Disappearing Datatexts

Hey guys,

I have a problem with custom DataText panels, I got Guild, System, Missions panels, none of them has any combat hide or pet battle hide option nothing they should be up all the time, but sometimes it gets bugged and they disappear, even one of the minimap icon "exrt" disappears with them I dont know why this happening, could it be cause I put them on the minimap? When I do /reload everything is back to normal. I leave you some screenshots.

This is how it looks like when it's ok or when I do /reload after it gets broken:
And this is what happens sometimes:

Disappearing Datatexts

Yup it goes under the map and now I know when that happen, it happens when I left-click on map, instantly panels with 1 minimap button (exrt) disappears under the map. Oh sorry I thought them panels and minimap are part of S&L, can a mod move it please? Thank you.

It wasnt happening with rectangle map tho, but rectangle map in some parts like Torghast for example was not working, the square map was shown anyway :(

@EDIT: Minimap buttons are part of windtools not s&l sorry my bad.