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Shadow & Light Patreon is now LIVE!!


While we do enjoy playing WoW and messing around with coding, we do like to eat while we do that. Unfortunately we have these things called responsibilities. Some of those range from paying the rent, electric, internet, and so on. In order to code and take care of that stuff we have to work... which takes away time from doing what we would like to do and that is play some games and code. Hell we even have to pay for the WoW subscription to even code for the most part.

Which this brings us to this post. We decided to open up a Patreon page after some people suggested to us to do so. We don't expect to get rich or anything like that, but we would like to not worry about making ends meet and do what you guys want us to do and that is to keep the addon alive.

Also, we do plan on getting Shadow & Light up and running on Classic and getting people on Patreon has definitely given Darth and I some motivation to start working on that. Don't worry if you can't donate, that isn't problem as we can earn points from you downloading S&L from Curse.


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