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Shadow & Light fails to load after update

Version of ElvUI: 11.25

Version of S&L: 3.6

Were you able to reproduce the issue with only "ElvUI", "ElvUI_Config" and "Shadow & Light" being enabled?: I have only those addons enabled and Shadow & Light just does not load

Did you disable all addons to make sure the issue comes from ElvUI or S&L?: I did

Did you check for lua errors?: Yes I did

If you received an error then post it below (use the 'code' bbcode):
Im sorry im not entirely sure what bbcode means but this is the error text I get:
Message: Interface\AddOns\ElvUI_SLE\core\dbconversion.lua:26: attempt to index field 'Armory' (a nil value)
Time: Thu Nov 14 13:02:27 2019
Count: 1
Stack: Interface\AddOns\ElvUI_SLE\core\dbconversion.lua:26: attempt to index field 'Armory' (a nil value)
[C]: ?
Interface\AddOns\ElvUI_SLE\core\dbconversion.lua:26: in function `DatabaseConversions'
Interface\AddOns\ElvUI_SLE\core\core.lua:72: in function `?'
...\Libraries\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0.lua:314: in function <...\Libraries\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0\LibElvUIPlugin-1.0.lua:310>
[C]: in function `Initialize'
Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\init.lua:223: in function <Interface\AddOns\ElvUI\init.lua:222>


Please explain the issue you're having with as much detail as possible. If there is a way to reproduce the issue then mention that too in as much detail as possible.:
Ok so s&l just doesn't load at all. Nothing shows up, I can't access any menus. It is installed, and updated and it shows up in the list when enabling/disabling addons but it isnt actually loading.

Do you have any other information which might help us track down the issue?:
I did see a forum post from September where somebody was having a very similar problem, only on previous versions of Elvui and S&L, whereas I did not have a problem on previous versions and only started experiencing this AFTER updating it

If your issue is graphical then please take some screenshots to illustrate it. You can attach them to your post:
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