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Character Armory Scroll Bar

Hey there :) !

It didn't really bothered me until patch 8.3.
But now, with the Corruption Thingy on the Character Window, I would really like to know, if it's possible to get rid of this Scroll Bar, when there aren't even that many attributes shown, so the scrolling makes no sense ^^?
Is there an option I am constantly missing, or do I have do manually edit specific lines?


Kind regards,

Character Armory Scroll Bar

This depends on math. Basically right now I calibrate it on my own settings. And this can ofc be off with a lot of people. I need a couple of helpers, so we can try and make a calculation formula that will fit for hopefully all different variations.
You can look for the variable in sle\modules\armory\stats.lua I made it around line 11. Play with it to see what value is best for ya.
Can't be more helpful atm cause my pc is down and my only window to the internet is my phone.
I'll probably be able to do some work in about 2-3 days.
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Character Armory Scroll Bar

Thank you very much!!!
I tried a few values and found one, which works for all my characters :) (35 instead of 25).
But while trying out a few things, I noticed, that a calculation will be kinda tricky ^^ cause it depends on so many things, like the size of the fonts, how many categories you activate and stuff like that...so good luck with that :P .
--This defines if scrollbar should be shown via bullshit calculation
:D awesome comment on that line btw ^^.

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