DataBars as a Dashboard

I'm not a fan of the DataBars (XP, Rep, Honor, Azerite) being spread out all over the UI. I was wondering if you would be up to creating a dashboard for the DataBars similar to those for Tokens or Professions) and integrating it into BenikUI?

In the meantime, I wanted to arrange them on top of each other manually. Is it possible in the current version to have a semi-transparent backdrop for all of them, so it looks somewhat similar to a dashboard?
Additionally, I guess it is not possible at all with ElvUI/BUI to group all bars together so I can move them as one unit?

DataBars as a Dashboard

I was just thinking similiar myself really I have quite a few different datatexts for various things and discoveredthe battleground datatexts dont show if I have datatext bars 2 turned on, and was thinking having a battleground dashboard would be handy. other handy dashboards to have could be things like hit, crit armour durability gear type board. Frequently visited addons board like weak auras honorspy atlas loot stuff you visit frequently.
Just having editable dashboards in general would be pretty handy I feel how different they actually are from datatexts Im unsure of though

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