A Few Questions


Overall I really like Merathilis UI and am enjoying how it looks and feels. There are however a few things that I personally would like to turn off but I can't figure out how exactly to do so. I've used ElvUI for a few years and I'm pretty proficient with the common settings, so I'm somewhat at a loss as to where to change these things. Any help would be appreciated.

1. These pop-ups. Anytime I get near a rare or chest on the map it makes a sound and shows a pop-up. Honestly it's more the sound that I'd like to disable than anything.

2. The hover text. I usually run with nameplates on, so the hover target text seems redundant.

3. Changing the data text for the top section of the right pane. It seems to be coming from a different place that the regular ElvUI datatexts.


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