Need help with detail's  [Solved]

If you are using "addon skins" you need to go into "Embed Settings" take the tick out of the box marked "Two window embed system" (just click on the tick) and then click on "one window embed system" (just click on empty box).
Reload and you should now only have one Details window. If there are still 2 windows open Details options and on the left hand side there is a group of options under "Appearance", click on "Window: General" and on right bottom corner is a box with "delete" before it. Click on the drop down for this box and select a window to delete and click on "confirm".

A reload will occur and then you will have only one window. I think this is a "per character" option so will have to do this on all alts or just copy profile on other alts

Need help with details

I posted here earlier this week, and for some reason it was moved.....but it only makes sense to be here. I need help with posting attachements to my posts. I used to see an option to post an attachement, but now its gone. Can someone tell me WHY?


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