2 Questions, 1 with the new update

I've been using this UI addon for a good while and it's easily my favorite. A lot of things are very easy to customize and it's very easy to make something look really nice.

There's 2 things I have a tiny bit of issue with.

1. The issue I care about most came with the 4.0 update of MUI. There's this new ENTERING COMBAT text and LEAVING COMBAT that swoops in and is very annoying, to my eyes. I have no clue where to go and get rid of this option and I've tried the General Combat State check mark for no luck.

2. I've seen some people do this so I feel like it can be done but I myself cannot figure it out. With a lot of addons there are ways to make Out of Combat transparencies. I don't want to hide my panels altogether, but I would like to change their Alpha/Opacity to my liking. I've seen some pictures where people do something of the sort and I had it set up with KONG, but KONG and ELVUI don't play together very nicely.

Thanks to anyone that helps me out <3

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