Accept quest chat spam

Hi I have a small problem with the addon MerathilisUI, in the form of a chat spam.

Every time I accept a quest I get 2 message in chat: Quest accepted: (quest name) and accept quest (quest name)
the first one is default to the game and I don't mind it but I see no reason to get 2 of mostly the same message.

I am still new to using MerathilisUI so it might just be an option that I just can't find.

Accept quest chat spam

after trial and error by toggle on and off every checkbox to see where the problem was posting this post and continue toggle on and off some more I found the solution with I must say seems like a Bug/error in the addon

ElvUi > MerathilisUI > Quest (checkbox)

this checkbox is supposed to "Automatically select the quest reward with the highest vendor sell value" and therefore not spam chat every time you accept a quest correct me if I am wrong on that point.

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