Details embed/show issue

If I have "out of combat (hide)" ticked, Details shows in combat and goes away when I leave combat, as it should.

However, I want it to always show, so that when I leave combat I can actually look at Details and find the information I want.

But when I untick "out of combat (hide), Details doesn't show at all. Not in combat or out of it. Relogging and reloading after unticking the option doesn't help.

Had the same issue with skada. And doing for example /details toggle does nothing.

If I disable AddonSkins, then Details shows. But then I obv lose the skins for other addons I use and like, so it won't match with the ElvUI,

Details embed/show issue  [Solved]

Regardless of the out of combat (hide) setting, you can always right click the arrow beneath the chat box to toggle the embedded addon. You can continue to use OOC (Hide) and just right-click the arrow to see it when you want, then right click it again to hide it.

If it doesn't show when you disable OOC (Hide), just right-click that arrow to show it.
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