Embed Details overlap Datatext bar


I got a very issue for the past week or so and hopefully you can help me.
Everytime i log in my Details! windows that are embed in the right chat window is resized and overlaps over the datatext bar.
I have reinstalled Details! and Addonskins and also deleted all profiles or informations from WTF/Account and still no change.
This issue even occurs if i use a profile for all characters or even if i take a portal or reload.

Any tips what i could try to fix this ?

Embed Details overlap Datatext bar  [Solved]

You probably downloaded AddonSkins Alpha version, which has changes for the forthcoming ElvUI version. Set the Twitch Client to not download Alpha versions and roll back to its retail version.

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Embed Details overlap Datatext bar

Update to the alpha version.
ElvUI has an update. Addonskins has not yet been released. You need the alpha until a new addons is released.
Back up your ElvUI profile/s - ElvUI menu - Profiles - Export and save it regularly

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Embed Details overlap Datatext bar

Is there a way to update addons skins to alpha version using cursebreaker instead of the twitch client?

If you type in the command toggle_dev addonskins into the cursebreaker program, it will change to the beta. Repeating the command again will change it to the alpha version, which does indeed fix the embed issue with details!