Skada toggle off on chat panels toggle on/off

Hi, as of 31/08; Elvui v10.79; AddonSkins v3.9; Skada v1.7.5 the problem persists...

Toggling the chat pannels on and off "de-embeds" skada, and i can only get it back embeded by typing /skada toggle, and can't even do it in combat.

Also this started happening: Skada strata higher than Elvui's bags:

I never liked Details! very much but I think i'll be forced to swap into it if this is Skada problem only

Skada toggle off on chat panels toggle on/off

I took some screenshots to help showing what happens, but it's exactly the same as in battle for azeroth release

1- Normal UI / skada embeded properly

2- I use my keybind (ctrl+space) to hide both chat panels

3- I use my keybind (ctrl+space) to show both chat panels again - skada is no longer embeded and i have to /skada toggle to get it back showing up embeded

4- Bag strata lower than embeded panel

Thanks in advance!