Common Misconceptions of AddOnSkins

These questions are quite frequently asked and I'll answer it this way.

AddOnSkins is not an ElvUI only plugin. It supports Tukui and several other interfaces. (I'm adding Default UI support back in.)

AddOns: I only support current 'Release' builds. That means no 'Alpha' or 'Beta' Builds. If you open a ticket and it says Beta or Alpha.. I'll say the exact same thing.

There is 2 windows on the Embed System they are side by side. It can only get attached to one chat panels. Left or Right.

Could AddOnSkins support it? Simple answer is yes it can. Some people have custom edits that allows it to have 3 windows or more. I officially will not support more than 2 along with not supporting both chat panels at the same time.


Certain Skins are disabled by default by User Interface.
Example: All Blizzard Skins for ElvUI Users. ElvUI Skins are by default ON. AddOnSkins are OFF. The reason is they conflict with each other.

These are the Blizzard Skins provided by ElvUI. These are not touched by AddOnSkins.

These are the Blizzard Skins provided by AddOnSkins. These are not touched by ElvUI.
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