[Classic] Skin Requests

Requesting a skin

Make sure the AddOn hasn't been requested, removed or unable.

Removed / Incompatible / Unable: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=803

When requesting the skin I need a link to the AddOn.

Do not: PM me skin requests, second or +1 a skin request.
You can like it but know that after I add the skin the post gets removed.
Please Remember: It takes time to skin.

Want to submit a Skin?
PM it to me or submit a pull request to https://git.tukui.org/Azilroka/AddOnSkins.
I'll add you to the credits.

Download Link: Curse

Bug Reports: https://git.tukui.org/Azilroka/AddOnSkins/issues
Please include the following info:
  • Error message generated by the skins.
  • Version - UI and Skins
  • Screenshot

[Classic] Skin Requests

Just started using ElvUI for classic. Never used it on live. I've been enjoying finding out what addons work with AddonSkins.

Request: Everything about CharacterStatsClassic fits pretty well with ElvUI except it uses the Blizzard style dropdown boxes for the initial clickable object to appear similar to how the character sheet looked during The Burning Crusade expansion (the dropdown list that the clickable makes is already skinned by AddonSkins). Here is a screenshot of my character sheet. I'd like to request for AddonSkins Classic to reskin these two dropdown box clickables.

Thanks for all your work with these addons. I love the look of my wow ui now.