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Re-implementing the threat meter to Classic WoW

I just made an account for this, so I'm sorry if it's in the wrong section.

I just wanted to pitch the suggestion of re-implementing the old threat meter feature on the bottom right panel during combat. Here is an old video of mine showing what I'm referring to:

This would be amazing for classic as it would (for the average player) eliminate the need for a whole bulky threat meter which takes up a lot of UI real-estate. I'm not sure the technical logistics of making this change for classic, but I think it would be an amazing and helpful feature seeing as threat is such a big issue in classic, particularly at end game.

Thanks very much!

Re-implementing the threat meter to Classic WoW

I think that's just Skada. Built-in or not, it looks just like it.
Unfortunately threat isn't yet working for Skada in Classic.

In response to poster below me, yes there's no threat API -- not until WotLK patch 3.0
Most threat addons in classic and TBC 'estimate' threat using combat log events and communicate to others using similar addons with a library.
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