How to hide party frames?

Hey guys I really enjoy using tukui wanna start off with that, I think it's a great addon love everything about it except I'm having trouble figuring out how to hide my party frames. I use healbot and so want to cut down on the screen clutter when running dungeons / raiding in the future. I've gone in Party > *disable* party module , but that doesn't seem to turn it off or matter. Is this a known bug or is there a workaround to hide party frames? Thanks for any help

How to hide party frames?

No way to hide party frames using Tukui then?

I suppose I COULD run Elvui, I just really enjoy the simplicity of Tukui and have really gotten used to it and like it a lot.

I assumed something like a toggle to turn off party frames wouldn't be that complex but I have zero knowledge on addon design.