This is for Tukui - not ElvUI


We are getting a lot of posts for ElvUI in the Tukui section. People who use, and therefore can answer, ElvUI questions, don't usually look in the Tukui section.

Please take note of which section of the forums you are posting in to make it quicker for support, and easier to moderate.

Tukui and ElvUI are both UI replacements - the aren't the same thing. They are two separate UI's.

ElvUI is only ElvUI & ElvUI_OptionsUI. No other addons, not even other addons starting with ElvUI. They are plugins from different authors.

ElvUI retail section of the forums viewforum.php?f=5

ElvUI classic section of the forums viewforum.php?f=40

For all other plugins, other addons, go to the forums main page and scroll down.