Actions Bars & scroll since TBC update

Since TBC update, I noticed the behavior of the action bar scroll changed.
Before the update, the bar on the image above was scrolling between the "not displayed" bars.
For my explaination, let's suppose with have 4 actions bars avalaiable.
Let's say the one on the left is bar 3, and the one on the right is bar 4. The bar 1 (with the square) changed to bar 2 on scroll, then to bar 1 again etc. (1 > 2 > 1 > 2...). This was also the behavior of blizzard standard UI (the "main" bar scrolled only between not displayed bars).

Since the update, this behavior changed. Now, regardless which bar are displayed on the UI, you scroll between all of them (1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 1...).

I tried to reset my settings, and erasing the WTF folder, but the problem is still here.

Second point, I "lost" a bar during the updare.
The screen below is from classic (before the BC patch, not from classic Era server).
The bar with the red square is not there anymore, and I can't get it back :(

Thank you in advance for all the work you're doing, and I apologise for my bad english.