ELVUI 1.09 Version for Classic wow

Version of Tukui: [1.09]

Did you disable all AddOns except "Tukui" and "Tukui Config"? [Yes]

Did you get an error? If so then post it below (use 'code' bbcode):

Please describe the issue in as much detail as possible. If you know how to reproduce the issue then mention that too:
[I would like to import a profile to this version on addon but cant find where to do so.]

Please include screenshot(s) which illustrate the issue (you can attach them to this post):
[dont think this issue needs a photo]

ELVUI 1.09 Version for Classic wow

With new update, the strata layer of tooltips is very high, before update, tooltips was under Details! Damage meter, and now tooltip hide Details!, how can i fix this ?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: Have tried to config Details! strata Layer on Highest Layer but Tooltips stay on Details! not under, can you help me please ?

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