Damage Font

The most recent update of the Classic Tukui (1.11) brought back the original Tukui damage font.
It seems that the font has auto enabled for damage and xp gains.
How can I get back the standard blizzard font for both the damage done and xp?

Damage Font

World of Warcraft --> _classic_ --> Interface --> AddOns --> Tukui --> Medias

Open Medias.lua with notepad.

Locate ["DamageFont"] = [[Interface\AddOns\Tukui\Medias\Fonts\DieDieDie.ttf]],

Replace "DieDieDie" with whichever .ttf file you like within the Fonts folder (Arial, BigNoodleTitling, Invisible, PtSansNarrow, Visitor).

For example, I changed it to BigNoodleTitling so it would be:

["DamageFont"] = [[Interface\AddOns\Tukui\Medias\Fonts\BigNoodleTitling.ttf]],


Damage Font

exit wow, reinstall tukui
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Damage Font

I am trying to change the damage numbers font when casting or attacking mobs. The only thing I can get is the custom Blizz numbers to show and they are awful. Any help on this?

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