Change Out of range 'range'

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I'm playing classic and using the Tukui classic addon. It seems like the raid frames put people as Out of range at around 30 yards or something like that. As a holy paladin I got a range of 40 yards for my heals, where can I tune this? Is it even possible in classic?

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Change Out of range 'range'

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Change Out of range 'range'  [Accepted Answer]

You can't, Blizzard disabled the UnitInRange("unit") function on WoW Classic, it always return false. So we use a "workaround" with another API function available from Classic to still have this feature instead of removing it completly. Unfortunately the max yards available from our workaround is 28 yards.

https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/API_Che ... ctDistance

Edit: Reinstall Tukui, added a library that check for 40 yards.
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