Hyperlink Tooltip

Already try to turn this option off and on, same issue.
I try alaChat classic instead of Prat, same. When we check a chat item press shift after on unitframe compare item.

I disable hyperlink module prat or whatever for the moment ^^


Hyperlink Tooltip

animie wrote:
Mon Nov 04, 2019 3:30 pm

when i press shift on unitframe it compare random items from unitframes ??!

i thought it was prat who was bug but it still do the same without


here on the pic i was casting heal (shift + right clic) on the druide
Just did a test with just an unedited Tukui 1.28, unable to reproduce.

Did another test with prat 3.0 and hovertips module enabled, the bug occur.

If I disable in /prat - module control - hovertips, the bug dissapear.

So final answer, it look like a prat bug to me, because if you disable our tooltip module in /tukui config and leave prat and hovertips enabled, it still occur with just default blizzard tooltip.
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