Open quest log while map is open

Don't know if this is an error or maybe a request.

I would like to be able to open my map and quest log (social, spellbook, talents, vendors, quest givers, etc) at the same time.
When my map is open, I can't open quest log. And when quest log is open and I want to look at my map, the map closes the quest log.

I play on 5760x1080 resolution.
screenshot (two screenshots merged to show what I want)

Is there a way to make this work?

// Dromme

Open quest log while map is open

Thanks for the help, kringel. But it does not do what I want. I already have an addon to move frames.
The position of the map and the quest log on the screenshot in the link is not altered after I took the screenshot, only that the quest log and the map appear at the same time.

To clarify. I want to be able to have both map and quest log (and other windows) open at the same time. Which, as far as I know, isn't possible at the moment.