Floating combat text

first of,

thank you for TUKUI, it breathes some new life into WoW.. very much needed

my issue is the floating combat text, im using the latest version and everything was working perfect and just stopped suddenly. its turned on inside TUKUI and off in blizzard, as it was popping up twice, when it stopped showing i toggled it off and back on and nothing... blizzard one works but TUKUI doesnt. I reset TUKUI settings and now it just shows damage to me, not what i hit the mobs for... any ideas?

Floating combat text

This should be a blizzard option in esc - interface - combat, just enable scrolling combat text.

You can also enable our own combat text in tukui config, unitframes, scrolling combat text.
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Floating combat text

yes i had both enabled to begin with and it drove me crazy so i disabled blizzards one and kept yours on, my problem now is that it shows me entering and exiting combat and while in combat it shows damage i take only, not damage i give to enemies. i could go switch back to blizzards one but i would prefer to have yours up and running properly :)

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