Please make option to remove Tukui Chat

Right now, if you disable tukui chat, you still have the grey box in the bottom left corner of the screen and cannot remove it. If you disable the grey box in the bottom right of the screen and then disable the tukui chat module, then the grey box in the bottom right comes back. The only way around this is to have tukui chat enabled if you want to use any part of tukui at all. This is very annoying because basically the only thing I use tukui for is the tooltip and bag modules. Thanks.

Please make option to remove Tukui Chat

Botanica wrote:
Tue Nov 19, 2019 10:11 pm
Surely there are addons that provide a separate bag and tooltip instead of using a complete UI replacement and wanting all the options to be disabled.
Regardless, the behavior of the disable chat module setting does not seem intended. No?

Edit: Also, if you could point me to a tooltip addon that allows customization of tooltips I would appreciate it. I tried onebag and it was buggy for some reason. I realized I also use tukui for nameplates as well so I would need a replacement for that.

Right now, if you disable the chat module, tukui says "f, you. here are two useless grey boxes on the bottom left and right corner of your screen that you can't get rid of unless you use our chat module". What is the point of that? Why not just allow the chat module to be properly toggled? Or at least remove the background.

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