Druid form bar + stealth

having trouble with bar 1 changing back while in cat form prowl.
What i mean by that is this:
When i enter cat form everything is nice and dandy (bar changes from caster bar to cat form bar like it should), but when i enter prowl in CF it changes back to caster bar.

1. This is when im in "human form" https://imgur.com/a/tQ5YGnV working well
2. This is when im in "cat form" https://imgur.com/a/0uR7T44 working well
3. This is when im in "cat form" + "Prowl" https://imgur.com/a/YQSg7RH NOT working well, should stay on cat form bar.

This is my paging for bar1: [bonusbar:1,nostealth] 7; [bonusbar:2] 8; [bonusbar:3] 9; [bonusbar:4] 10;
Tried changing "[bonusbar:1,nostealth] 7" to "[bonusbar:1,stealth] 7" but then i see cat form bar only when prowled and not while cat formed not prowled.

sorry for the long post, thanks in advance peeps.

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